Great and exciting to see our show featuring large at MIP this week as the major

international sales market takes place. Here's the Banijay Rights tent and the cover (wow) of TV Drama.


Notoriously tough TV critic Diana Wichtel gives The Gulf the thumbs up: "When a local police drama makes me tear up a couple of times, with a feeling other than disappointment, I'm in."

other gems:

"This German-NZ production is taut and compelling"

"The dialogue is snappy...


Wow, Duncan Greive and The Spinoff give us the thumbs up in this review of The Gulf. Loving this show!

Jean has broken her first film record - the most number of nominations by a New Zealand production in the New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards!

The New York Festivals Grand Jury selected Jean as a finalist in no less than nine categories - Best Di...

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