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 The 10pm Question 



What if growing up is just too scary to contemplate?


The 10pm Question is a coming of age film about how love can give you the strength to ask the hard questions.


It is for all those who are going through, or have gone through the painful transition from childhood to adulthood; that scary time in life when you realise growing up means leaving your parents behind. 


With a cast of delightful characters The 10pm Question is a beautifully textured portrait of family, of a boy on the cusp of adulthood, hounded by questions about his mother’s strangeness, and about his own past and future.


Lippy Pictures is proud to be producing a feature film adaptation of Kate De Goldi’s internationally successful novel The 10pm Question in association with Eyeworks/Gemini Films, Germany.


Directed by Yasemin Samdereli, the award-winning director of Almanya - Welcome to Germany!


Development of The 10pm Question is supported by the NZFC.


DIRECTOR: Yasemin Samdereli


PRODUCERS: Paula Boock, Donna Malane (NZ), Tim Rostock (GER)

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Angela Littlejohn (NZ), Gerhard Schmidt(GER)


WRITERS: Donna Malane, Paula Boock, adapted from the novel by Kate De Goldi