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 Field Punishment No. 1 



The First World War gave rise to New Zealand’s first “conscientious objectors”, men who stood out against the jingoism of the day and declared their opposition to a war fought thousands of miles away and for which New Zealand men were conscripted, many against their will.


This is the story of the fourteen of those men who were arrested and shipped off to war against their will, where on the battlefields and military prisons of Britain and France they were stigmatised and tortured in an attempt to break their spirit.


New Zealand’s most famous conscientious objector Archibald Baxter, father of James K. Baxter, was one of these men.


We follow the conchies' journey from their initial proud stance when first arrested, through their time spent in prisons, punishment camps, an asylum for the insane and at the Front Line in France, until the end of the war heralds their return to New Zealand. But not all of the fourteen returned home.


Made with the assistance of TVNZ and NZOA’s Platinum Fund. 


Field Punishment No.1 premiered on TVOne in New Zealand in April 2014.

It is available to view online in New Zealand here.

International distribution by Content Media Corp. 


Network: TVNZ/TVOne
Director: Peter Burger
Producer/Writers: Donna Malane & Paula Boock
Cinematographer: David Paul
Designer: Miro Harre
Costume Design: Kirsty Cameron
Music: Victoria Kelly
Editor: Paul Maxwell





New York Film & TV Festival 2015



APRA Silver Scroll 2014

Best Original Music in a Feature Film

Victoria Kelly


Rialto Channel Film Awards 2014

Finalist | Best Television Drama

Gold World Medal

Special Drama 

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