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A NZ-German co-production

The Gulf is an international co-production between Letterbox Films/ZDF (Ger), and Lippy Pictures/Screentime/TV3 (NZ). Set on New Zealand's stunning Waiheke Island it traces the disintegration of Detective Jess Savage after her husband dies in a car crash that also leaves her with short-term amnesia.

Despite her lost memories, Jess is convinced the crash was no accident. She has a nagging suspicion something important happened on that day. If only she could remember it.

Instead of dealing with her volatile 18 year old daughter, or her growing reliance on painkillers – or the overwhelming grief she feels at the loss of her husband - Jess throws herself back into work.

As her personal life starts to spiral out of control it has an impact on the crimes she is investigating, and Jess discovers her moral code is not as black and white as she thought.

The Gulf mixes a crime story with a personal story into a morally complex cocktail that keeps viewers debating the issues while identifying with a flawed main character.

Produced by Lippy Pictures, Screentime (NZ), Letterbox Films (GER)


Directors: Charlie Haskell, Gaysorn Thavat, Robert Sarkies

Writers: Donna Malane & Paula Boock

Producers: Philly DeLacey, Christian Friedrichs, Donna Malane, Paula Boock

Cinematographers: Dave Cameron, Ginny Loane

Designer: Miro Harré  

The Gulf premiered in NZ on TV3 26 August, 2019 and in Germany on ZDF as Tödliche Buchte: Auckland Detectives in September 2019.

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