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 Hungry Ghost 



Little Frank wakes up, aged 120, to the fact that he has betrayed everyone he loves in order to stay alive artificially – but can he piece together the tattered remnants of his memory and make one grand redeeming act before he does, finally, ‘time out’?


Hungry Ghost is an action-packed, colourful and disturbing film set in a dystopic New Zealand, confronting global themes. It could be five minutes in the future anywhere on the planet.

In this new world only the elite cartels and their allies have access to clean water, food and limitless good health – at the expense of the masses who survive in squalor to be harvested for body parts and genetic experimentation.


Against this backdrop small-time gangster Little Frank goes on a quest to rediscover his past, however shocking it may be. What happened to the exotic woman he can remember in flashes only by denying his 120 year old body the longevity drugs that keep him alive? He joins forces with a militant Maori tribe and the Creepers – scores of genetically mutated humans – to wreak revenge on those responsible for erasing his memory and, with it, the only love he’s known.


Alongside the dramatic track of the dying gangster’s quest for redemption, Hungry Ghost raises social issues regarding the environment, genetic experimentation, global corporations and community identity. What moral compass would we have if we could escape death? And most importantly: Can there be love without memory?


Director: Elio Quiroga


Elio Quiroga has directed 3 feature films, all of which attracted the admiration of more established film-makers such as Quentin Tarantino, Guillermo del Toro and Timur Bekmambetov.


La Hora Fria was sold internationally by Lighting Entertainment to approximately 25 territories, and NoDo, to more than 30. He is especially experienced in the use of all digital technology and visual effects and expert at making the most out of limited budgets.


He has also made two short documentaries and one full length, plus several short animation films including “Home Delivery” based on a Stephen King short story and welcomed at 90+ festivals.


Script available


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