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 Tangiwai - A  Love Story 


One of New Zealand’s most heart-wrenching and powerful national stories. A love story. A tragedy. Acts of extraordinary heroism. A disaster. One of the greatest sporting events in New Zealand’s history. Friendship. Family. Tapu. Nationhood. Our telefeature-length drama explores a great New Zealand tragedy through the eyes of two young people who embody all the hope of the post-war generation, a generation who were desperate to forge a new, independent path for their nation. It’s a story about the terrible loss of 151 lives, acts of extraordinary bravery during the rescue of survivors and the dead, a story about love and loss, a story about how the spirit of the nation, embodied in one man, cricketer Bob Blair, stood and hit a ‘six’ in the face of death. His goliath hit was a rail against the unfairness of death.

Directed by Charlie Haskell


Starring Rose McIver, Ryan O’Kane with Miranda Harcourt, Mick Rose, Taungaroa Emile and Dean O’Gorman 


Tangiwai - A Love Story was supported by New Zealand On Air and screened in NZ on TVNZ.

Winner of TV Guide 'Best on the Box' Award

Finalist Monte Carlo Golden Nymph Awards

Winner Qantas NZ TV Awards


Please contact Lippy Pictures for distribution details.


Best Cinematography

Best Production Design     

Best Supporting Actor

Best Make-Up Design

NZ Television Awards 2012

TV Guide Best on the Box 2012

Best One-Off Drama


Monte Carlo Television Festival 2012

Finalist | Best Film for Television

Finalist | Outstanding Director for Television

Finalist | Outstanding Actor in a Film for Television

Finalist | Outstanding Actress in a Film for Television


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