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 Tangiwai - A  Love Story 


One of New Zealand’s most heart-wrenching and powerful national stories. A love story. A tragedy. Acts of extraordinary heroism. A disaster. One of the greatest sporting events in New Zealand’s history. Friendship. Family. Tapu. Nationhood. Our telefeature-length drama explores a great New Zealand tragedy through the eyes of two young people who embody all the hope of the post-war generation, a generation who were desperate to forge a new, independent path for their nation. It’s a story about the terrible loss of 151 lives, acts of extraordinary bravery during the rescue of survivors and the dead, a story about love and loss, a story about how the spirit of the nation, embodied in one man, cricketer Bob Blair, stood and hit a ‘six’ in the face of death. His goliath hit was a rail against the unfairness of death.

Directed by Charlie Haskell


Starring Rose McIver, Ryan O’Kane with Miranda Harcourt, Mick Rose, Taungaroa Emile and Dean O’Gorman 


Tangiwai - A Love Story was supported by NZOA, screened in NZ on TVNZ and is distributed internationally by HighPoint Media Group UK.

Tangiwai - A Love Story is available on DVD from TVNZ and retail outlets.


Best Cinematography

Best Production Design     

Best Supporting Actor

Best Make-Up Design

NZ Television Awards 2012

TV Guide Best on the Box 2012

Best One-Off Drama


Monte Carlo Television Festival 2012

Finalist | Best Film for Television

Finalist | Outstanding Director for Television

Finalist | Outstanding Actor in a Film for Television

Finalist | Outstanding Actress in a Film for Television


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