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The winning continues!

JEAN has stunned us all with a record number of nominations and wins in the 2017 NZTV Awards.

We think it's a first, but no-one seems to know! Nominated in twelve categories, Jean won every single one of its fields, creating something of a controversy at the event.

We can't congratulate our team enough. You can't do better than win the lot - Jean's magic just keeps us all up in the air.

Congratulations to:

Robert Sarkies: Best Director, Drama

Kate Elliott: Godfrey Hirst Best Actress

Paula Boock & Donna Malane: Best Script, Drama

Donna Malane & Paula Boock: Images & Sound Best Feature Drama

Ginny Loane: Imagezone Best Cinematography, Drama

Kirsty Cameron: Best Costume Design

Susie Glass: Best Makeup Design

Chris Burt: Best Contribution to a Soundtrack

Peter Hobbs: Images & Sound Best Original Score

Peter McCully: Best Post-Production Design

Mark Robins: Best Production Design

Peter Roberts: Best Editing, Drama

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